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General information

Joint Stock Company “ELECOND” is a leading Russian manufacturer of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, tantalum wet-slug capacitors, and tantalum and niobium solid-electrolyte capacitors, as well as supercapacitors and modules based on them.
The name "ELECOND" consists of the beginnings of two Russian words which mean electrolytic capacitors
The company is situated in Sarapul, Udmurt Republic – an industrially developed region of Western Ural. Sarapul has favorable transport communications: it has a railway station (Gorky railway) and a river port and is connected to neighboring regional centers, republics and airport of Izhevsk via roads.
Thanks to the enterprise one of the regions of Sarapul with the same name ELECOND has been developing.
More than 1600 enterprises in Russia and CIS countries cooperate with JSC “ELECOND”. Main customers of JSC “ELECOND” are enterprises of radio-electronics industry, electric power industry, medical devices, telecommunication, railway industry etc.

The enterprise has modern technological and production basis, special technologies and technical solutions, its own in-house design and highly qualified specialists in Special Design Offices and Technical services.

Company profile

Производство АО Элеконд
Development and production of aluminum oxide electrolytic capacitors

Among them, there are both high-voltage high-capacity capacitors used in converter technology and secondary power supplies, as well as aluminum electrolytic chip capacitors for surface mounting.

Development and production of bulk-porous tantalum capacitors

Designed for use in communication devices, on-board radio-electronic equipment (avionics) of aviation, rocket and space technology and other promising REA for responsible purposes.

Development and production of oxide-semiconductor tantalum and niobium capacitors

They are used in special-purpose products, on-board ground communication equipment, devices operating in harsh climatic conditions and with increased mechanical loads.

Development and production of supercapacitors and modules based on them

They are intended for use in systems for ensuring the quality of power supply, in uninterruptible power supply systems, in traction power sources for electric vehicles, in hybrid power plants of wind and solar power plants; electronics and other fields.

To increase the rated voltage and stored energy, electrical energy storage devices are manufactured based on the modular assembly of ionistors.

JSC “ELECOND” is the only enterprise in Russia and CIS countries, which has kept the whole cycle of aluminum electrolytic capacitors production including capacitor foil production. Foil Production – is a complex and energy-consuming process. The plant specialists thanks to their proprietary technology have achieved unparalleled results to improve foil technical characteristics, as a result new foil grades were received.

Besides capacitors, JSC “ELECOND” successfully develops production of consumer goods as well as industrial and technology products, that is carried out in several directions:

plastic goods of general-purpose;

polymer packaging for foodstaff;

lighting and light indicating products for the automotive industry;

electro protective products from thermoplastic elastomers to be used in autos instead of components from traditional rubber compounds.


История предприятия АО Элеконд
According to the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR No. 1700 dated November 19, 1960, the construction of a plant for the production of electrolytic capacitors began in Sarapul UASSR: in 1963, the foundation of the first facility was laid — a rail depot. In 1964, the builders began the construction of the main production building.

On January 1, 1968, the plant was put into operation.

On May 22, 1969, the first batch of K50-3 capacitors of small diameters was released, and two months later large diameters were mastered. In 1970, the plant started the production of aluminum capacitor foil. In 1971, the production building of the enterprise was put into operation.

In 1973, the technology of manufacturing oxide-semiconductor capacitors was mastered. To ensure the implementation of production plans and the development of technical progress, a Special Design Bureau (SKB) was established in 1975, which carried out a number of works on the introduction of advanced technologies for molding, pyrolysis, training of oxide-semiconductor capacitors, and also developed new types of capacitors.

In addition to the production of capacitors, the company has been engaged in the production of consumer goods since 1975, and since 1993 — industrial and technical products.

On February 10, 1993, the company became a joint-stock company.

Today, Elecond JSC is a modern enterprise with a developed material and technical base. There is the necessary infrastructure and a staff of qualified specialists to ensure development work. The production base of JSC “Elecond” allows you to work on a full technological cycle: from the manufacture of capacitor housings to the assembly and training of finished products. New technologies and equipment are being introduced, production is becoming more and more knowledge-intensive. This makes it possible to produce a wide range of products that meet modern requirements and allow you to compete not only in the Russian, but also in the international market. Among the products manufactured by the company, there are both high-voltage high-capacity capacitors used in converter technology and secondary power sources, and aluminum electrolytic chip capacitors for surface mounting. Today, capacitors manufactured by Elecond JSC are successfully used by consumers as part of import substitution.

A new promising area of activity of Elecond JSC is the development and production of supercapacitors. To increase the rated voltage and stored energy, electric energy storage devices are manufactured on the basis of their modular assembly.

In addition to capacitors, Elecond JSC develops the production of industrial and technical products, which is carried out in several directions: lighting and signal products for the automotive industry; electrical protective products made of thermoplastic polymers for the complete set of cars; polymer packaging.

Elecond Joint Stock Company is a city-forming enterprise. In different years, 27 multi-storey houses, 3 kindergartens, a factory medical unit and other objects of social and household importance were built.

Employees of Elecond JSC can spend their leisure time in the Electron Recreation Center, relax at the Ivushka campsite on the banks of the Kama River. In the gym of the enterprise there are simulators, conditions for physical therapy, table tennis, etc. are created.

The state has repeatedly noted the successes in the work of the company’s employees with government awards.

One person was awarded the Orders of “FRIENDSHIP OF PEOPLES”, “OCTOBER REVOLUTION” and “LABOR GLORY” of the II degree, 18 people — the Order of the BADGE OF HONOR, 11 people — the Order of the RED BANNER OF LABOR, 13 people — the Order of LABOR GLORY of the III degree, 22 people — the medal “FOR LABOR DISTINCTION”, 16 people — the medal “FOR LABOR VALOR”.

For a significant contribution to the socio-economic development of the region, the labor collective of the enterprise was entered on the Honor Board of the Udmurt Republic three times: in 2001, 2010, 2014.

At different times, 9 employees and two labor collectives of the plant’s divisions were awarded the right to be listed on the Honor Board of the Udmurt Republic.

Manufacturing departments

Manufacturing departments include:

procurement and mechanical press -forming workshop (workshop sections: mechanical press - forming section, galvanic section, dyeing section, mechanical rubber parts molding section and assembly of consumer goods);

electrochemical foil processing workshop (workshop sections: foil etching, forming and cutting sections);

assembly workshops;

tool-making workshop;

energy and repair workshop;

repair-building workshop;

transportation department.

Quality management system

Элеконд - ведущий производитель конденсаторов в России
Great experience of JSC “ELECOND” resulted in quality and reliability of products. Capacitors are manufactured according to technologies, which meet strict requirements for stable product operation in sever operating conditions.

In 1999 JSC “ELECOND” got the certificate of quality system relating to the capacitors development and manufacturing that meet the requirements of IECQ (International Electrotechnical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components) IEC and Russian GOST R ISO 9001.

ELECOND quality management system for development and production of fixed aluminum oxide-electrolytic, tantalum solid electrolyte and wet-slug capacitors meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000) and GOST RV 15.002-2003 (part EKB), RD V 319.015-2006.

JSC “ELECOND” products quality was highly appreciated at prestigious trades and industrial exhibitions and confirmed by certificates and awards.

In 2001 JSC “ELECOND” products were awarded under the program “100 best goods of Russia” of Russian State Standard. As a result capacitor K53-60 type became a prize-winner and got the gold mark, and capacitor К50-77 became a diploma-winner and got the silver mark.

For contribution to the development of the economics in 2002 JSC “ELECOND” specialists are listed on the National Board of Honour.

In 2006 JSC “ELECOND” specialists were awarded the participant diploma in the competition of the Udmurt Republic President Award. In 2006 the enterprise was also awarded a diploma “Russian Organization for Quality”, confirming that the quality level of capacitors K50-15, K50-17, K53-1A, K53-7, K52-9, K52-11, produced by JSC “ELECOND” meets the requirements of “Russian quality” program. Director-General V. Konyshev was awarded the a laureate title and a commemorative medal as a result of the All-Russian contest “Russian Quality Leader”. The following year, this award was given to A.M.Akeev the Head of Quality Department

In 2007 personnel of enterprise was awarded European Foundation for Quality Management Certificate (EFQM). Director General V. Konyshev was awarded the Certificate of the Member of Royal Institute of Quality Assurance (UK, IQA).

Quality management system for design, production and supply of vehicle lighting and auto electro protective isolating products from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) meets the requirements of GOST R 51814.1-2004 (ISO / TS 16949: 2002).

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