Supercapacitors modules

general purposes series

One of the key use restrictions of supercapacitors is their relative low rated voltage – 2.7V

Our enterprise develops and produces supercapacitor modules to improve rated voltage and store energy. Modules are sustainable reserve current supplies. Modules consist of on-board supercapacitors connected in parallel or in series and are available in varnish and packaged case with various types of leads. Modules can have various configurations, models and case materials

Ionistors in modules are protected against surge voltages through the application of active and passive balancing systems. Additionally modules can be equipped with charge controller and output/input DC to DC converters.

SMALL SIZE MODULES: 5…30V X 0.08…50V; -50…+65°C

LARGE (POWER) MODULES: 16; 32; 48V X 18…783F; -40…+65°C